Homemade Beet Chips!


LOVE chips, but HATE that greasy shine on your face?
Try my new tip on healthy eats, with HOMEMADE beet chips!
You’ll be safe to snack these chips ALL day long!


SUCH an easy 3-ingredient recipe for a delicious, healthy, crunchy snack!

1) Wash & slice organic beets to about 1/8 of an inch (I used purple and yellow beets)

beets 6

2) On very low heat, melt organic coconut oil (2 tsb) and mix in beets, and pink himalayan/sea salt
(other yummy seasonings may be used as well)


3) Place on a parchment paper cookie sheet, and bake on 250 for 1 hour. Flip beets over and bake 1 more hour, or until COMPLETELY crisp dry!


Hint: Beets will shrink down A LOT. Its best not to completely layer them, so they cook even. I used 6 medium sized beets, covered 3 cookie sheets full, and when done had about one cookie sheet worth of chips!

You can also enjoy these recipe with sweet potatoes, red/gold potatoes, or kale!
Mix them all and make a veggie chip mix! YUM!


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