Hold the Dairy


“Do you eat dairy?”
That is the always the first question I ask my acneic clients when they come to see me.
Why does eating dairy matter? Let me explain, in the simplest way.

First, the facts:

We seem to be the only species that drink milk after infancy, and
we are the only species that drink another species milk.
Cows milk contains three times more protein than our human milk. This amount of protein consumption causes metabolic disturbances.
75% of the worlds population is lactose intolerant, meaning, humans do not create the lactose enzymes the body needs to breakdown dairy.
Majority of the cows in America, are injected with synthetic hormones and antibiotics to’plump’ the cow to produce more. Even those that are not injected with hormones or antibiotics, and are ‘grass fed organic’ still contain higher levels of hormones, than any otherĀ animal we ingest.

milk1Why do those with acne prone skin develop a new zit,
after each time they consume dairy?

Humans have grown, technology has advanced, and hormones have significantly increased. Whether you are on a synthetic form of hormones for a variety of reasons, or you are just rocking your natural balance of hormones, dairy can and will affect your levels.
Have you ever noticed why every breakout on a woman is in the same area? (jawline/upper cheeks)
Your skin is showing that your hormones are unhappy.
When dairy enters the body, your natural hormones mix with the synthetic hormones from the dairy and they create a reaction of too many hormones.
Did you know that for acne-prone skin, even the smallest 1% trace of hormones in food, can mix with yours and affect your levels, causing a new outbreak immediately?

Food will affect your skin, it’s in the facts. If you are struggling with breakouts, try eliminating ALL dairy for 2-4 weeks. It takes a while for it to completely get out of the body, but i guarantee you will see a decrease in breakouts within 2 weeks.

Remember* crackers, bread, salad dressings, chips- EVERYTHING now days contain dairy, make sure to look at the ingredient list before you assume! If you are not strict with this, you will not see results.

A few other foods to stay away from for acne prone skin:
Red Meat, iodized salt, algae, seaweed, tofu, kelp, canola oil; supplements with biotin, whey or soy.

There is a reason they say, you are what you eat!


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