Hydration is key

One of my all time favorite hydration products is Hyaluronic Acid. You may have heard of this acid, because it is the number one anti-aging ingredient on the market right now.

Hyaluronic is an acid that we, as humans, naturally produce. This is the key reason why baby skin is so smooth and plump. As we grow into young adults, we slowly start to lose this acid in our bodies and by the time we are adults, it is mainly all gone.
Skin Care specialist are creating a way to topically push hyaluronic back into the skin, for a smooth, hydrated and plump complexion.
Not only does hyaluronic work for aging skin, but it is an amazing product for acneic-oily, and dry skin as well.
Holding 1,000x  its weight in water, hyaluronic provides locked moisture, plumpness, and firming to the skin.

Here is a few ways to start using hyaluronic in your skin care regiment:

Aging/Dry Skin- Use every morning and night, right after you cleanse your face, add moisturizer on top.


Acneic/Oily Skin- Use at night only, 3/4 times a week. Will help lock in moisture so skin is not so oily the next day.

Post Acneic/Scarring Skin- Use during scarring treatments (micro-needling/microdermabrasion/peels/nano-needle). Put on skin right after a micro-needle session. Use only hyaluronic for 2 days after a session. This will get into the punctured area and fill/plump up the scar to smooth out pit scarring or uneven surface scarring from acne.

When purchasing  and using, you always want to find the purest, highest concentrate of hyaluronic acid, for the best results!
Blends are a cheaper/good way to start, but will take longer to notice results.
Start plumping my friends!

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