Do you really know the difference?

As I continue to educate myself and my clients about how important our diet is for our skin appearance, I noticed myself realizing I didn’t really understand the difference between the NON-GMO and USDA ORGANIC labels. So I investigated a little further to inform those who don’t know either!

What Non-GMO actually means..
Just because a product has the Non-GMO label on it, does NOT mean is it organic. While this label is verifying the product does not contain any genetically modified ingredients (which is a plus), there are some other health factors you have to be aware of, that it may contain.

What Organic actually means..
To get the USDA Organic label, many factors of the product are inspected before approved, such as:┬ásoil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, and use of additives. Products must contain 95% of organic ingredients. ┬áMany of those always ask “What if a farmer grew on top of soil that pesticides were previously used on, is that still considered organic?”
I found out that soil has to have three years of no ‘prohibited substances’ applied, in order to harvest on.
Lets just hope that by three years clean, we can ingest those chemicals anymore!

The truth about Non-Gmo vs. Organic..
It is always better to buy the USDA ORGANIC label.

Here is why:
Organic will NOT contain the following:
*GMOS (organisms that are unnatural and can grow in any condition)
*Synthetic Pesticides (linked to lymphoma/leukemia)
*Roundup Herbicides (linked to kidney disease, breast cancer, & birth defects)
*Growth-Promoting Antibiotics (weight gain, antibiotic resistance, hormone unbalance, acne)
*Ractopamine (drug residue)
*Sewage Sludge (human waste, heavy metals)
*Hexane (neuro-toxin)

Are only promised to contain NO GMOS.

Now, there are some loop holes through the USDA Organic label because that 5% can still contain GMOS, so when shopping look for the 100% certified organic label, or look for USDA Organic with the NON-GMO label, and you are certain to be getting 100% clean products!



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