The Magic of Turmeric

As most of you have probably heard the word Turmeric in the Indian food culture, this magical spice has been used in the beauty & health industry for centuries to heal, cure, and subside many body issues.


Here is a a few benefits of Turmeric and ideas of how you can use it for everyday issues!


Treatment for Acne & Oily Skin:
Because Turmeric is an antibacterial and antiseptic spice, these properties help to aide out the bacteria of breakouts, and control the sebaceous glands to regulate the production of oil.
*make a mask using sandalwood paste, turmeric and some OJ! This blend is a perfect, antibacterial, oil-controlling, exfoliating and vitamin-boosting mask!



Natural Anti-Inflammatory:
It is believed that with every chronic diseases, inflammation plays a huge role. Digesting Turmeric has been known to relieve that swelling internally. Curcumin is main active ingredient in Turmeric, this ingredient is so powerful, that is shows the same effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs. Take a look at the above chart for all diseases this ingredient can help!

Control Dandruff & Hair loss:
Turmeric helps in rejuvenating scalp heath. This can result in less irritation and itchiness from dandruff as well as hair loss! You can use topically on the scalp, washing with a turmeric paste or digesting turmeric everyday will aide this problem!

Natural lightener:
Haldi is another ingredient in Turmeric that is known to be a natural skin lightener. You can find this ingredient in many over the counter lightening products, however making a topical paste of some rose oil and turmeric will do way better than a bunch of mixed ingredients! Spot treat your dark spots every morning and night with this paste and watch the dark slowly lightening to even out your skin tone!



There you have it, a few wonders of Turmeric; I encourage you to research a little more and see if using daily, will benefit your body!

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