Magic of Mastiha

One of our favorite things about our skincare line, Lira Clinical, is their secret ingredient found naturally on our lovely planet.We know many of you are using this product at home, but we want you to fully fall in love with the benefits.

Mastiha,┬ácomes from the resin of Pistacia Lentiscus trees. These are ancient trees that only grow on the southwest coast of Chios in the Mediterranean. Mastiha’s properties are rooted in over 60 medicinal uses, including dental hygiene, healing surgical sutures and gastrointestinal problems. But many of these uses are used in skincare to manage and correct skin conditions.

You can drink it, eat, and use it topically. It really is the fountain of youth!

Masitha is found in two of our lines, the MYSTIQ for lightning, tightening and healing the skin; as well as the ICE for curing oily and acne skin with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The key word to remember about Mastiha is repair. It creates continual cell nourishment through skin replenishment!

So if you are not using Mastiha, come try our favorite line today!

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