Your greens are just as important on your face, as they are in your belly!

Last month I launched one of my fav new products, the Green Power Rebuilder.
Many of you have already experienced this weird-prickly sensation herb blend. But what actually is it? And how in the world can an herb mimic the affects of a manual device, such as micro-needle?

Let me explain more in detail what this product is about!

Collagen Induction Therapy (otherwise known as micro-needling) has become one of the most successful ways to reduce wrinkles, acne scarring and stretch marks. A device filled with small needles goes into the skin to puncture the area, activating new collagen growth, and over time, heals the skin back to smooth. In many states, Estheticians are unfortunately not allowed to provide this procedure. Because of this, Lira came up with CIT-A (collagen Induction Therapy- Alternative).

CIT-A is a natural mechanical exfoliator that creates pathways into the epidermis and naturally sloughs away dead skin cells. We call this the “Green Power Rebuilder” which is a blend of finely milled marine and plant extracts such as:

Spongia Officinalis(shown above)- Mechanical exfoliator, its a natural fresh water river bed sponge (prickly sensation you feel)
Sea Fennel, Lilac, and Aragan Plant Stem Cells– Repairs cells and lightens the skin
Green Tea Extract– Antioxidant
Mastiha– Anti-inflammatory, brightening, & healing properties

This amazing product can be used on all skin types, and is safe for pregnant women. However, it does not mean EVERY person is a candidate. As an exfoliator, we must take pre-cautions to prep and evaluate the skin before receiving this facial!
If you struggle from fine lines, acne scarring, or pigment issues and you don’t want to commit to needling right now, this may be the alternative for you!

Lets talk!

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